Nexenta is the inventor and global leader of Software-Defined Storage solutions. They also have brilliant guest speakers at their SDx conference.

The Nexenta Vision

The Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) is not just hype, but a critical ingredient enabling organizations to deal with the latest trends in Social Media, Mobility, the IoT, Big Data or Cloud Delivery. To fully achieve it, you need a Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) vision from server/storage/network to the end-user and everything in between.

With Software-Defined Everything (SDx), the computing infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service. In an SDx environment, management and control of the storage, networking, and data center infrastructure is automated by intelligent software rather than by the individual hardware components of the infrastructure.


Nexenta is the global leader in Software-Defined Storage, delivering easy-to-use, secure and ultra-low cost storage solutions based on our software for enterprises. Nexenta solutions are hardware-, protocol-, workload-, and app-agnostic, providing innovative freedom and speed for organizations to realize "true" benefits of Software-Defined Infrastructure-centric Cloud Computing.