Who we are

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Sapply commenced business 2009 in Sydney, Australia.

We are a value added IT distributor focused on a small portfolio of largely non competing vendors and helping them build and expand the best possible channel partnerships.

Our clients are focused on a range or verticals and cover niche engineering businesses to global system integrators and PC assemblers.

Sapply is privately owned, has a presence in 3 countries and barbeques on Fridays.

What we do

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We are here to build a sustainable business, have some fun and learn new things.

Asia Pacific is a large and complex market that represents tremendous opportunity. As a value added IT distribution business we assist overseas vendors enter the region and grow their business.

We carry stock for all of our vendors and ship throughout the region.

Sapply staff are able to provide a minimum of level 1 support for all of our vendors, in some cases we also carry warranty stock.

Our team includes both technical account managers and sales professionals. We work directly in a number of verticals and transact via local and international reseller partners.

Where We're Going

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Sapply continues to focus on our key verticals - health, finance and government/defence.

A synergistic package of vendor offerings to provide a complimentary solution to key verticals.

A vast amount of our business is around IoT or M2M space and increasingly our vendors have an offering in this space..

We are already working on plans for 2018 to see us continuing to expand on a fantastic record of sustained growth. We will continue to  expand our portfolio of vendors to best complete a total solution for our clients.