Cloud-First Networking with Big Switch

Big Switch is trusted by large, security conscious enterprises and service providers who rely on IT for competitive advantages, including 20% of the Fortune 100 who entrust Big Switch with their mission critical networks


Big Switch Solutions:

Big Monitoring Fabric: Big Monitoring Fabric is a visibility and security monitoring solution. It uses high-performance, open Ethernet switches and a controller-based SDN architecture to enable network-wide monitoring and inline tool chaining in the DMZ. It also has a DPDK-based Service Node appliance that connects to the Big Monitoring Fabric as a service to provide advanced network packet broker functions such as packet de-duplication, packet slicing, regular matching, and NetFlow generation. Big Monitoring Fabric also includes Analytics Node and Recorder Node for rich network visibility.

Big Cloud Fabric: Big Cloud Fabric is an SDN controller-based data center switching fabric. It supports all workloads (physical, virtual machine, and container) and choice of orchestration software (VMware, OpenStack). It provides L2 switching, L3 routing, and L4-7 service insertion and chaining. The scalable fabric is fully resilient, with no single point of failure, and supports headless mode operations. Big Cloud Fabric is available in two editions:

P Fabric — Leaf-spine physical Clos fabric controlled via SDN Controller

P+V Fabric — Leaf-spine physical Clos fabric plus virtual switches controlled by SDN Controller