What is AIOPs?

If AIOPs is not part of your infrastructure now, it likely will be in the future. Read this article to see what is AIOps and why is it needed for your business.

Are You Implementing AIOps?

According to various analyst reports, the current AIOps market size is between $3-6bn USD with a combined annual growth rate of at least 25%. So if ALOPs is not part of your infrastructure now, it likely will be in the future.

What is AIOps?

AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) is an approach of managing complex IT operations that improves service availability and delivery. It enhances IT operations analytics covering operational tasks include automation, performance monitoring and event correlations, among others.

Big data is critical to the success of AIOps. By collecting, ingesting, and analysing data from a wide range of IT operations tools, AIOps solutions can:

  • Automatically detect and respond to problems in real time
  • Advance traditional analytics capabilities
  • Proactively alert on potential issues before they become a problem

Why Is AlOps Needed?

ALIOps increases IT operational agility, automation, and overall efficiency by consolidating alerts and providing actionable insights using Analytics and Machine Learning applied to IT infrastructure data.

An AlOps Layout May Look Something Like This

What Makes For Strong and Effective AIOps?

You cannot have too much data for AIOps, and both quality and quantity matter. It is very much a case of “garbage in, garbage out.”

In particular, Network Data is Essential For AIPos.

How Can cPacket Solutions Help?

  • Monitor Network Infrastructure
  • Collect Packet Data From The Network
  • Generate Flow Data and Meta Data
  • Feed This Data Into Analytics & Machine Learning Tools

 cPacket Products include:

  • Advanced Analytics: Our single-pane-of-glass analytics solution provides end-to-end visibility and a consistent experience for your cPacket deployment across on-premises, virtual and multi-cloud environments.
  • Flow Generator: Our purpose-built packet-to-flow generator and exporter physical and virtual appliances provide high-speed flow data from rich packet data in industry standard formats
  • Packet Capture: Our flexible, powerful, cost-effective suite of physical and virtual appliances provide the industry’s highest sustained-rate packet capture and storage with maximum flexibility.
  • Packet Broker+: Our industry-leading multi-speed 2-in-1 solution integrates real-time network performance monitoring with reliable, lossless and feature-rich packet brokering in both physical and virtual form factors.
  • TAPs and Connectors: Our compact, multi-port/multi-speed TAP devices enable passive monitoring of your network wire-data at full duplex rates of 1 through 100 Gbps.