Lantronix’s portfolio of External Gateways 

Includes a wide range of solutions designed to deliver secure wired and wireless connectivity for virtually any device.

From medical devices to industrial machinery, Lantronix provides OEMs and system integrators with secure enterprise-class solutions that provide network connectivity, remote device management, cloud connectivity, and edge analytics for brownfield equipment and next-generation connected devices.

Serial-to-ethernet Device Servers: Reimagine Network Performance & Protection

With rapid and mission-critical device connectivity for instant remote access. Paired with industry-standard management tools and simple device

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Telematic Gateways: Cellular Telematic Gateway

 With multiple interfaces and IP 68 tiny tracking devices for fleet management market.

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Cellular Modems: Compact & intelligent Industrial Modems

Running our mPack software suite and available in 2G, 3G, dual-mode LTE-M1 / NB-IoT, LTE Cat. 1, and NB-IoT.

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Cellular Routers: Rugged, Industrial Cellular Routers

Supports LTE, WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi, and serial connectivity in a Linux-based programmable environment.

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Cellular Gateways

Industrial-grade 3.5G Cellular IoT Device Gateway

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Wi-Fi Gateways: Swiftly & Securely Connect

Device Gateways swiftly and securely connect industrial IoT – assets and data to robotics, industrial, medical, energy, retail, or transportation enterprise networks for enhanced high-performance Wi-Fi, healthcare-patient solutions, multi-interface access, customizable IoT development platforms, and centralized management for company efficiency and scalability.

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Medical Gateways: Lantronix Industry Certified IEC-60601 IoT Solutions

Automate and safeguard data collection and dissemination, and facilitate remote patient monitoring, asset tracking, and reduced service costs.

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xPrint Servers: The Award-winning xPrintServer Family of Mobile Printing Solutions

Designed to support more than 4,000 printers & work seamlessly out of the box! Unlike some costly mobile printing subscription services and complicated apps, the Lantronix xPrintServer automatically translates documents from the cloud into their print-ready formats. Simply plug in the xPrintServer device anywhere on your local area network via an Ethernet cable and the xPrintServer device will automatically discover connected printers.

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