Did you know that we sell cameras too? Amaryllo cameras includes several biometric features that are rarely found in other cameras and the Amaryllo Zeus can be merely screwed into a lightbulb socket. Here are 5 other things you probably didn’t know about Amaryllo.

1. Amaryllo is the recipient of multiple CES awards

Amaryllo has proven itself as a brand to be reckoned with by winning countless awards year after year. They offer various biometric technologies and their Voice Print actually won us 2 CES awards in the smart home and smart cities category. See the full list below.

2. The only company certified by Microsoft Skype to deploy 256-bit encryption

Amaryllo cares about everyone’s privacy and safety. They are the only company certified by Microsoft Skype with military grade 256-bit encryption to ensure data privacy. It is a 1 in over 115 quattuorvigintillion (that’s a 78 digit number) chance for hackers to find the right channel to your camera. There is no chance of your Amaryllo camera or baby monitor being taken over with our security in place.

3. The only company to offer daily report


Amaryllo’s app generates a daily report that records all biometric alerts from Sound Recognition of glass shattering and smoke/ CO alarms, to Facial RecognitionHuman Detection, and Fire Warning throughout the day. The report groups all alerts based on the types making it easier for you to see when, what, and how much of each alert your camera has detected at a glance!

4. World’s first to introduce auto-tracking for home use (Worldwide Patent)

Amaryllo owns 27% of the auto-tracking security camera robot market. They are the 1st company to introduce auto tracking technology on the consumer market. Many cameras are fixed and rely on fisheye lenses in order to provide wider coverage, however, the drawback of this is the image distortion.

A lot of times, especially at the edges of the frame, the images are so distorted that you are not able to see or capture the full picture of what is going on in the scene. Amaryllo however, has embedded in every single one of our cameras a high power CPU. With this technology they are able to do local auto tracking, meaning that if the camera spots a moving object then it will continuously follow it whether it is in front of the lens or through the use of P.I.R. sensors located in the back as well.

5. World’s most affordable video storage and unlimited video recording

Amaryllo Protect not only offers continuous video recording, but also safely stores all your videos in FHD up to 365 days. With unlimited video storage, whether you need to collect evidence for a crime or rewatch a precious moment of your loved ones, you can simply rewind to any specific time and rewatch everything from the convenience of your phone.

Why Choose Amaryllo?

Amaryllo has many things that the average consumer might not know. Since Amaryllo is the number-one security camera robot company with biometric and auto-tracking technologies, you can expect to feel safe and be satisfied having Amaryllo products in your home.

Amaryllo cameras can already detect various objects such as fire, faces, humans, vehicles, animals, and sounds such as glass breaking, smoke and carbon monoxide detector alarms.

They are trusted around the world and can be found in many major retailers. They are always adding more and trying to enhance security.

View Amaryllo’s product range at SAPPLY here: https://www.sapply.com/vendor-solutions/amaryllo/