What Is AIOps And Why Is It Needed?

AIOps increases IT operational efficiency, agility, automation, and overall efficiency by consolidating alerts and providing actionable insights using Analytics and Machine Learning applied to IT infrastructure data. According to various analyst reports, the current AIOps market size is between $3-6bn USD with a combined annual growth rate of at least 25%. So if AIOps is not part of your infrastructure now, it likely will be in the future.

An AIOps Layout May Look Something Like This:

What Makes For Strong and Effective AIOps?

Data Is The Fuel For AIOps. You cannot have too much data for AIOps, and both quality and quantity matter. It is very much a case of “garbage in, garbage out”. In particular, Network Data is Essential For AIOps









To Ensure Your AIOps run to their full potential you need maximum visibility of what is going on in your network.

Get Visibility You Can Trust With cPacket Networks:

cPacket Solutions:

  • Monitor Network Infrastructure
  • Collect Packet Data From The Network
  • Generate Flow Data and Meta Data
  • Feed This Data Into Analytics & Machine Learning Tools


cPacket aiops solutions









cPacket Products Include:

  • cTAP Network TAPs
  • cVu Industry Leading Network Packet Brokers
  • cStor Packet Capture Devices
  • cClear Single Pane of Glass Analytics Dashboard