Everyone knows F5 have very capable Load Balancers (Application Delivery Controllers) but so does Edgenexus! And it’s not just because they are better value 😉

Whilst Edgenexus and F5 big IP have comparable features, there are some big differences in the implementation and design. These are the 3 key differences:

1. Edgenexus is Easier To Use

  • Easy to use graphical interface. Stop thinking of ease and power as a tradeoff. Your applications deserve a load balancer that does both.
  • Avoid having features that are so complicated that they are never used in production.
  • Unlike F5, an average user can configure Edgenexus easily, quickly and intuitively without needing any formal training.

2. Edgenexus is Future Proofed

  • Future proofed with a built in app-store for expanded functionality – the App store allows you to build and deploy new applications and functionality in a fast and agile way, thus providing a platform to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.
  • Would you buy a computer that can only run a single application or a mobile phone without an app store?

3. Edgenexus is Cost-effective

  • The market has moved on since F5’s heyday. Even large enterprises are under increasing pressure to deliver better value to the business without sacrificing features or performance.
  • Cost-effective providing high functionality/price ratio – Edgenexus is typically able to save clients 35%-65% of the price of a comparable f5 solution. This is because they are a next generation platform and don’t have to support legacy telco technology.

EdgeNEXUS’ & SAPPLY’s mission has always been to help customers receive the best ROI from their investment in our load balancers. We are exceptionally partner focussed and offer great (protected) margins, a simple engagement model, and lots of support.

Commercially speaking, deploying Edgenexus ADC appliances in comparison to f5 saves us between 30k and 40k per year