Double Down on Your Application Delivery Solutions With SAPPLY and Kemp

Do you need an Application Delivery Controller for an upcoming project?
Then until December 31st, purchase two Kemp VLM-3000s with at least one year of Enterprise Support for the price of one!

VLM-3000 Speeds and Feeds:

  • Max 3000 Mbps Throughput*
  • SSL Transactions Per/Second (TPS): 4,000
  • Supports Up to 1000 Virtual IPs (VIP) and 1000 Real IPs (RIP)

Why Kemp Virtual Loadmasters?

Deliver Anywhere

VLM instances can be deployed on all the major hypervisor platforms and on the leading public Cloud services with a consistent set of features regardless of where deployed. Consistency across a wide range of platforms greatly simplifies cloud migration and hybrid cloud deployments with seamless migration and reduced management complexity.

Flexible Licensing

VLM can be licensed using permanent or subscription licenses on each instance or with metered licensing across multiple VLM instances. Metered licensing provides the flexibility to deploy and retire load balancing resources ondemand greatly simplifying DevOPS environments and application scaling.

Easily Managed

Regardless of where VLMs are deployed, a consistent administration interface is presented via Web UI, API and KEMP 360 Central. KEMP 360 Central provides cross-platform configuration and monitoring of ADC resources to simplify the administration of multi-ADC environments. The LoadMaster API (RESTful and PowerShell) enables automation of ADC deployment, configuration and administration and integration of ADC operations with DevOPS and hypervisor management frameworks.

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Convert the lead into a sale and receive another $50 Visa Card, for $100 total per sale!

This promotion is valid until 31/12/2019

More On Kemp

Kemp delivers the same always-on Application Experience across all clouds

With Kemp LoadMaster, you get the deep and mature set of features and capabilities required to ensure the security and resilience of your cloud applications. Administration is greatly simplified with centralized management from Kemp 360 Central and common APIs for automation.

4x The Throughput per $ Compared to F5/Citrix

When it comes to virtual and hardware load balancers, Kemp stands above the rest. The Kemp LoadMaster X15 delivers four times the throughput for every dollar spent compared to F5 and Citrix.

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Kemp is setting the new standard for load balancing solutions everywhereore

Kemp’s Application Delivery Fabric delivers an optimal application user experience while maintaining the centralised insight required to be in total control regardless of the type or number of cloud delivery platforms.

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