How To Build Powerful Automated Content with Digital Signage

The majority of the digital signage we view on a daily basis feels, well, stale. If it doesn’t feel stale, it’s usually due to the thought and automation behind it, rather than a brilliant creative or graphic. All we have to do now is get clever with the software systems we’ve been given and the data we already have about our target audience.

Personalise content to your audience

To be able to offer your audience genuine content, firstly you need to understand your target audience. Information such as who they are, where they live, what time they visit, top-level interests or career choices, and how they connect to your business are all factors to consider before planning your campaign.
You can quickly automate your tailored digital signage content campaign from this. Say that you know your audience often visits around 8 A.M early in the morning, you can personalise your menus to breakfast on the signage screen while making the content short and snappy and showcase it at that particular time of the day. Alternatively, you might indicate your opening hours so they can come after work when they have more time.
In an office setting, large parts of your organisation don’t have access to a desktop most of the day. They might not even have a cellphone. By making culture and information flow through digital signage more employees will feel connected to the organisation and to the larger purpose.

Useful content that your audience wants to see

To be able to provide our clients with the capacity to broadcast data that was previously unavailable is a is a great leap forward for the usability of digital signage. It is today a great marketeer of good stuff. By moving data and KPIs from the back and placing it on screens, using moving animations and real-time figures it has made it place into peoples attention.
You can use built-in tools that create content for you in addition to figuring out what type of content your audience wants to view. These engines only require a few details to generate content that is tailored and optimised for a digital screen. From time-zones around the world, currency, stocks information, live news feeds to travel information of bus, train and tram services directly surrounding the individual. This form of content is actually valuable, which reflects well on your company and marketing efforts.

PLAYipp made it look easy for you

PLAYipp has helped companies for almost 20 years to show great content on screens.

With the help of their CMS and digital signage, PLAYipp are able to help clients visualise what they actually achieve. We can pretty much connect any API (software) to their CMS and therefore publish it onto your digital signage screens, screens placed at important locations for your business, whether it is for internal or external communication. Making sure your efforts are seen.

PLAYipp’s most popular automation is called Website Screenshot, and means that you can select a part of your organization’s website and publish it on your screens. This surface is updated automatically when something changes on your website. Smart right? 🥳

PLAYipp‘ & SAPPLY‘s strategy is exceptionally partner focussed and offers a simple engagement model, and lots of support.

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