According to a Forbes Insights Study, “Cisco predicts that there will be 28.5 billion connected devices by 2022, with more than half of them being machine to machine.”

But what does that mean for enterprises and their data centers?

Due to an increase in connected devices, because of the immense growth seen in the IoT (internet of things), data centers need to upgrade their infrastructure. Doing so will equip them to meet the demands of the connected world we operate in daily. Effectively, data centers need faster processing, greater data storage, and additional bandwidth so that they can handle massive volumes of information. Consider the rise of voice assistant devices, connected cars, wearables, and even smart home technology such as thermostats, and you can begin to fathom the amount of information we are able to garner.

According to Forbes, as few as 1% of data center engineers believe that their data center is adequately equipped to handle increasingly greater demand on them. With so many organisations treading water with regards to necessary infrastructure upgrades, there is a real risk of them drowning in the estimated 500 billion connected devices that will be active in 2030. Effectively managing and upgrading your data center’s infrastructure will allow you to increase performance, lower cost, and launch critical projects at a time of peak need.

Common Problems That Data Centres Are Experiencing:

  • Storage/physical space limitations (high-density QSFP28 can supply more ports)
  • Additional digital storage capacities (HD CWDM solutions can expand available capacities)
  • Heat & power management (low power devices are more efficient, saving costs on both)
  • Interoperability (coding multiple OEMs on a single EEPROM, tested with major OEM switches)
  • 100G & 200G devices for the main lines (including low power/green modules)
  • Improve (or even double) capacity with our HD CWDM solutions
  • Longer reach devices for transmitting between your data center and auxiliary stations
  • Fiber patch cords for testing and connecting to patch panels
  • 1m to 50m+ long reach capable direct attach cables and active optical cables

The data center, as we’ve known it for the last few decades, is changing. The sheer amount of data, and the growing need to consume and analyze much of it in real-time, is transforming it. This mirrors the world around us – as mounds of data are generated at any given instance. This fact will only be compounded as the Internet of Things continues its exponential growth.

How Can Sapply Help Solve These Problems?

Together with our partner ProLabs, Sapply offers advanced upgrades such as the 25G SFP28, 100G, and even 400G transceivers that will allow your data center to appropriately scale for increasing demand. We also offer low power devices that can save your enterprise from unnecessary costs from environmental controls. Discover why network operators are choosing Sapply and ProLabs, and let our expert team help you with your data center expansion project, no matter the size or complexity.

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