New Partnership Announcement: SAPPLY and PLAYipp

SAPPLY is thrilled to announce our partnership with PLAYipp – the Market Leading platform for digital signage.
SAPPLY is thrilled to announce our partnership with PLAYipp – the market leading platform for digital signage. Our common goal is simple – we’d like to help your employees communicate easier, smarter and securely; both internally and externally. SAPPLY and PLAYipp have a common set of goals: we will strive to work towards developing valuable ideas and providing innovative solutions for customers through up and coming cognitive collaboration offerings.

What To Look Forwards To In This Partnership?

SAPPLY and PLAYipp strive to provide the most efficient solutions that enable customers to create strong, smart and efficient communications to any audience anywhere and anytime through digital screen. Through this partnership, both SAPPLY and PLAYipp will have opportunities to reach out to more customers in their time of need to provide relevant and useful solutions.

Backed by all the leading technology partners, PLAYipp has the accreditations, partnerships and validations, that you’d expect from a market leading vendor. This provides the assurance that PLAYipp solutions are tested and integrated at source.

In upcoming partnership projects, we would like to support customers with the most cost-effective and practical solutions for digital signage. More than that, we promise to continue delivering consistent support for technical issues whenever customers need it.

About PLAYipp

PLAYipp, based in Sweden, is a software developer at the forefront of digital signage. They develop software to solve internal and external communication for the best brands in Europe. Since 1996 PLAYipp has provided a global mindset while solving local problems. PLAYipp helps customers build a seamless digital signage software with user-friendly tools and up-to-date functionalities.

With over twenty six years of services, PLAYipp has become a trustworthy partner with more than 2000 organisations and companies use PLAYipp across a wide range of industries, including IKEA, Volvo, SAAB, Schibsted, Yasuragi, Karlstads Kommun, Molndals Stad, Klovern and many more.

Outstanding Products that We Offer

PLAYipp Digital Signage

Are you a small business with five employees? Or maybe a large organisation with over 1000? Do you need a screen or several hundred? PLAYipp is a safe and stable solution, regardless of your size or need!

With PLAYipp Digital Signage you can integrate with other systems by updating directly in your systems and it will be visible directly on your screen. You can now get your message across with digital information screens to reach your target audience easier, smarter, and more securely.

PLAYipp Rooms

With PLAYipp Rooms, booking rooms has never been easier. All you need is a screen, our easy to use interface and one of the world’s largest calendar systems. PLAYipp integrates with either Microsoft or Google. As soon as it’s done, it’s easy to book appointments from anywhere, around the world, regardless of device.

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