PCoIP: Sustainable Security In A Work From Home World

In the rush to shift employees to home offices to comply with public health requirements, many companies were forced to relax their own security standards, but as it becomes obvious that temporary situations are going to be with us at some level for the foreseeable future, it’s time to revisit quickly implemented workarounds and ensure that well-thought-out security protocols continue to be supported. Read more.

More About PCoIP


  • Secure – no data is to the endpoint, only encrypted pixels (AES 256 encryption)
  • High Performance – capable of running even the most graphically intensive applications
  • Practical – static pixels do not refresh, meaning bandwidth stays low
  • Flexible – compatible in 1:1 and virtual environments, on-prem, public and hybrid clouds, in hardware or software, and as a CAPEX or subscription model:

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