Reduce Network Security Risks For The Remote Workforce

Hackers are targeting insecure home WiFi routers to compromise corporate networks

‘Home Wi-Fi routers are often “as secure as a cardboard shark cage”, and during the COVID pandemic are being exploited to launch attacks on the corporate networks of homeowners’ employers, a forum representing Australia’s chief information security officers has warned…

…Chief information security officers employed by big corporations have noticed their security operations centres are experiencing heightened levels of alerts because they’re detecting attacks using their employees’ home networks, according to James Turner, whose company, CISO Lens, provides a forum for CISOs in Australia and New Zealand…

…Insecure Wi-Fi routers make it easier for hackers to compromise computers on the network; they make it possible for hackers to snoop on corporate apps that haven’t been secured with end-to-end encryption; and they can be used in “man-in-the-middle” attacks, where hackers divert traffic to their own computers before forwarding it on to its destination.’

digi enterprise grade routers

Digi Enterprise Grade Routers Bring Security To The Edge Of Your Network

Home Wi-Fi routers with consumer-grade features are simply not secure enough to protect corporate assets. With Digi enterprise cellular routers and extenders like the Digi EX15 and 6310-DX, corporate IT staff can extend and enforce critical security policies all the way to the edge of the corporate network.

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