KEMP MELA now offering pay-as-you-go to customers across Australia, NZ & Singapore!

KEMP ADCs are now available for customers who want to pay for what they use rather than having to anticipate and commit to their expected usage a year ahead of time.

KEMP MELA offers organisations flexible options to license their KEMP application delivery resources, meeting both variable application capacity demands and the multi-ADC environments that are emerging cloud technology.

What is MELA?
Metered Enterprise Licensing (MELA) is a subscription service offering businesses and service providers a scalable and cost-effective way to pay-as-you-grow via application delivery infrastructure.

How it MELA works
Unlimited deployments of Virtual LoadMaster ADC instances are licensed through KEMP 360 Central, which meters throughput every five minutes.
The peak throughput over the course of the month of each LoadMaster is reported to KEMP and the aggregate for all deployments is used for billing in-arrears.

MELA features

  • Monthly subscription with no up-front investment
  • Unlimited LoadMaster ADC deployments providing scalability
  • Only pay for what you use with no risk of over-provisioning
  • Flexibility to use one MELA license to deploy ADCs across multiple platforms including public, private & hybrid cloud environments
  • Receive 24×7 support plus unrestricted access to KEMP skills & resources
  • Provide application level security to all applications with daily rule updates for ongoing protection

MELA provides an exciting solution that addresses many of the issues enterprises experience with traditional subscriptions, offering the ideal sized ADC subscription packages for enterprises!

To find out more about KEMP MELA and how you can be one for the first to offer it to your clients, contact SAPPLY on or +61 2 9439 8887