The topology of Virtual CAD Workstation Workflows

About this webinar

Manufacturing and design organizations are constantly challenged by the high demands of consumers and businesses alike. When it comes to secure full fidelity protocol display performance, Teradici PCoIP Technology has provided remote CAD/CAM/CAE with graphics-heavy workflows from anywhere and everywhere.

There’s no question that emerging technologies such as Architecture toolsets and BIM Files, Generative Design, and Additive Manufacturing will evolve with the remote workstation in mind.
How do firms build-remote workstations capable of meeting workflow expectations within user performance and experience, reliability, and IP security demands?


We’ll be discussing:

• 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software trends
– Simulation, visualization, modeling, design automation, and BIM

• Deployment of Virtual GPUs (vGPU)
– virtual GPU (vGPU)

• CPU and memory resources pooling
– CPU core and GHz balance

• CAD/CAM Performance display protocol considerations
– Tera2 host cards (hardware)
– Cloud Access Plus (software)

• Pros and Cons of Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premise – Public or Private
– Rack-mounted workstations and servers
– AWS, GCP, and Azure

• Key hardware components for remote CAD workstations
– 3D Connexion ergonomics CAD mouse

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Presented by
Representatives from NVIDIA, 3DConnexion, Autodesk, Wacom, Amulet Hotkey & Teradici