Leveraging the Power of Remote Management in IoT

The Key to Realizing the Full Value of Your Device Deployment

The Internet of Things (IoT) lets you collect data and control equipment throughout massive industrial sites or across broad geographical areas. IoT goes where you can’t go. But once you have deployed hundreds of devices — or thousands — how do you manage the devices themselves? How do you ensure they are secure, functioning properly, and have up-to-date firmware? With a remote management solution such as Digi Remote Manager®, the indispensable command center of your intelligent network.

Watch our recorded webinar to hear from experts at Digi and SAPPLY to learn about the value of IoT remote management — and how remote device management supports business security, continuity, and control in enterprise-scale IoT deployments.

We discuss some of the key tasks you can perform with Digi Remote Manager:
  • Track devices in groups or individually to gain actionable insights on network performance
  • Schedule repeatable tasks using an intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard
  • Generate reports on the overall health of your IoT deployment
  • Set up real-time alerts to notify network managers of performance issues
  • Automate mass firmware and software updates
  • Monitor every device for configuration-based security intrusions, and remediate them automatically

SAPPLY‘s strategy is exceptionally partner focussed and offers a simple engagement model, and lots of support.

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