DIGI One SP 1 Port DB9 Serial to Ethernet Device Server

Cost-effective serial-to-Ethernet connectivity in a compact design for simple data communication applications


The DIGI One SP serial server provides reliable and cost-effective network connectivity for virtually any type of serial device.

It features one of the smallest form factors available, industry-leading low latency, baud rates up to 230 Kbps, and full modem and hardware control. This compact and powerful serial-to-Ethernet solution is ideal for applications requiring simple and easy-to-use data communications.

This compact serial server supports a wide range of protocols using serial tunneling, TCP/UDP connections or Digi’s patented RealPort® COM port redirector for remote native COM port access. RealPort enables existing applications to communicate, without modification, with serial devices over the Ethernet as if they were communicating over a serial cable. Additionally, DIGI One SP features modem emulation, allowing equipment designed for modem access to communicate transparently across the Ethernet.

DIGI One SP is easy to install locally or remotely. The IP address can be configured using DHCP, ARP-Ping or the Device Discovery Utility that automatically detects all DIGI One devices on the network. Using the web interface, users can configure advanced functions into their application.

DIGI One SP 1 port RS-232/422/485 DB-9 Serial to Ethernet Device Server includes 12V/.5A Wall Mount power supply w/ US plug

  • Patented RealPort for COM/TTY port control and management
  • TCP/UDP Socket Services for broad device connectivity and application use
  • Auto-connect the serial device to a networked server using raw, Telnet, rlogin
  • Reverse Telnet for easy access of serial devices from the network
  • Switch selectable RS-232/422/485 for simple interfacing to any type of serial device
  • Modem emulation allows support for devices designed only for modem communications

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