DIGI WR31 | Intelligent Industrial 4G LTE Cellular Router

DIGI WR31-L92A-DE1-TB | Intelligent 4G LTE industrial router designed for critical infrastructure and industrial applications


The DIGI WR31-L92A-DE1-TB –  A Reliable Industrial Cellular LTE Router

The DIGI WR31-L92A-DE1-TB is an intelligent industrial 4G LTE router designed for performance and reliability across a range of critical infrastructure and industrial applications. It provides a secure, reliable connection to industrial controllers, process automation equipment, and smart grid assets on third-party sites or remote locations. The rugged design makes the Digi WR31 cellular router suitable for demanding environments like mining, utilities and oil and gas. Software-defined, multi-carrier networking, and global LTE and HSPA+ options make it easy to get connected. This drop-in connectivity gives operators a way to reduce downtime and service calls, and also increase revenue by bringing distributed sites online faster.


  • Building and process automation controllers
  • Smart grid assets (meters, switches, controllers)
  • IP cameras and access controllers
  • Remote data loggers, flow meters, and sensing equipment
  • Telco infrastructure
  • Traffic and obstruction lighting




Digi WR31 Industrial LTE Router – LATAM/ANZ (700/850/900/1500/1800/1900/2100/2300/2500/2600MHz), No Power Supply, No Antennas

Model: Digi TransPort WR31
Base Hardware: (2) RJ45 Ethernet, (1) DB-9 RS-232/422/485, (2) Digital I/O, (1) Analog I/O
ATEX Certified: Yes
4G LTE LATAM/ANZ (700MHz(B28) / 850MHz(B5/B18/B19) / 900MHz(B8) / 1500MHz(B21) / 1800MHz(B3) / 1900MHz(B39) / 2100MHz(B1) / 2600MHz(B7/B38) / 2300MHz(B40) / 2500MHz(B41))
3G HSPA+: 800/850/900/1700/2100 MHz
WiFi: Not Included
Remote Management: Digi Remote Manager
Power Connector: 2-pin Terminal Block
Metal DIN rail bracket: Included
Accessories: See additional accessory options below


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