DIGI IX20 – W0G4 Reliable LTE CAT4 Industrial Router

Cloud managed networking for critical applications


IX20 – W0G4 High-performance LTE CAT4 Industrial Router

A full-featured cellular router that can scale from basic connectivity applications to industrial-class routing and security solutions. Its flexible power and connectivity options make it a versatile choice for use in industrial infrastructure, digital signage, retail kiosks, service terminals, and other critical assets with a need for secure transactions.

The high-performance architecture of the DIGI IX20 router provides primary and backup WWAN connectivity over software selectable multi-carrier LTE. DIGI IX20 supports software features for advanced security (stateful firewall, MAC filtering, and VPN), redundancy (DIGI SureLink®), and management (SNMP, event logging, analyzer trace, and QoS), enabling it to be used in PCI or NERC-CIP compliant applications.

DIGI IX20 can be managed with DIGI Remote Manager®, a cloud-based solution that facilitates easy setup, mass configuration, maintenance, and support for hundreds or even thousands of remote DIGI and third-party devices. DIGI Remote Manager lets you evaluate, update, and configure your DIGI enterprise routers and gateways — and the health of your network — at scale, after deployment.

The DIGI IX20 family of routers has a single part number, which simplifies inventory control for global distribution and deployment. In addition, DIGI IX20 is designed for DIGI CORE® plug-in LTE modems that can be changed out or upgraded without replacing the entire router.

DIGI IX20 – LTE Cat 4 Global, (2) Ethernet, DB-9 RS-232

  • Compact and economical cellular routing platform with industrial feature set
  • Redundant connectivity with dual SIMs and DIGI SureLink®
  • Global bands and single part number to simplify global distribution, deployment and management
  • Built-in DIGI TrustFence® for device security, device identity and data privacy
  • DIGI Remote Manager® software for easy setup, mass configuration and management
  • Dual Ethernet ports and single serial (RS-232) port

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