Lantronix EDS1100 SINGLE PORT 10/100 DEVICE SERVER with LINUX – ED1100002-LNX-01

Lantronix EDS1100 SINGLE PORT 10/100 DEVICE SERVER with LINUX – ED1100002-LNX-01

Hybrid Ethernet Terminal and Multiport Device Servers

  • Quickly connect any device with a serial port to the network using robust SSH or SSL enterprise-level security
  • Run Linux or Lantronix Evolution OS for the ultimate in application development flexibility
  • Easily customize and enhance the EDS for your unique application with Evolution OS
  • Simple device set-up, configuration and monitoring with powerful, industry-standard management tools (Web, CLI, XML, SNMP)
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Remotely Monitor, Manage and Control Your Devices
The EDS1100 and EDS2100 are unique, hybrid Ethernet terminal/multiport device servers which allow remote access to and management of virtually any IT/networking equipment or edge device such as medical equipment, POS terminals or security equipment.

The EDS provides bullet-proof security by offering a variety of robust data encryption and authentication options. Featuring Lantronix’ powerful Evolution OS, with AES, SSH and SSL built in, the EDS provides enterprise-level security allowing safe remote access and management from practically anywhere. What’s more, the option to run Linux, with IPv6 built in, enables you to deploy custom applications and take advantage of large feature-libraries available for Linux developers.

With no special software required, setup is a breeze with the included Windows-based DeviceInstaller. The EDS can also be set up locally via a serial port, or remotely over a network using Telnet, SSH, or a web browser (HTTP and HTTPS) or SNMP.

Included, Lantronix’ proprietary Com Port Redirector virtualization software, allows existing serial port applications to work with the EDS with no code modifications.


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