Special Deal on Kemp VLM-3000 bundle

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  • Each Virtual Loadmaster 3000 HA pair bundles contains two virtual load balancer instances with performance of up to 3 Gbps throughput and 4000 SSL TPS (2K keys).
  • Ongoing support through an Enterprise or Enterprise Plus Support Subscription is required
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So, why KEMP?
  • Quick to Deploy (only 5-10 minutes into an environment with established templates)
  • Incredibly flexible; the products are available as hardware, virtual, cloud, and bare metal offerings
  • A.I. Focused
  • Compatible with multi-cloud environments 
  • Cost effective
More About KEMP

KEMP is been a consistent leader in innovation with a number of industry firsts, including high performance ADC appliance virtualization, application-centric SDN and NFV integration, innovative pricing and licensing models and true platform ubiquity that can scale to support enterprises of every size and workload requirement.

 KEMP’s focus on providing ease of use, automation, flexibility and consumption based licensing are some of the many reasons why demand for KEMP’s Application Delivery products and services is growing rapidly.

KEMP is driving change in the application delivery world, providing a fresh approach to how applications are scaled, delivered and made resilient in a multi-platform environment.
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