Powerful, ergonomic hardware and smart, easy-to-use software for CAD applicationsĀ 


Designed specifically for the modern CAD professional, 3Dconnexion’s products offer superior ergonomics, high-resolution optical sensors, up to three-months use between charges*, and 50 million clicks-worth of durability for the daily use CAD specialist.

High Performance

High capacity rechargeable battery and a high precision optical sensor.

Professional Ergonomic Design

Reduces muscle & tendon discomfort encountered during long CAD sessions.


High-quality, long-life switches made with resilient components and materials

Research shows that 3Dconnexion products are ergonomically healthier and up to 28% more efficient due to their intuitive, user-friendly design. Simply put, 3Dconnexion’s range of products provides an exceptional experience for any CAD professional, or for that matter, anyone who designs.