State-of-the-art Biometric Security Cameras

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Protect your business environment with a data-driven biometric CCTV camera solution.  Amaryllo cameras are designed to be easy to install and get up and running, lowering high overhead costs typically associated with installation.

Unlimited Storage

Most affordable data storage plans.


Object recognition and voiceprint.

Robotic Cameras

Patented auto-tracking cameras.

Video Analytics

Retail data-mining services.

Solutions In Security Monitoring

Amaryllo is the global leader in providing security monitoring camera, consumer electronics, and security-centric solutions for smart homes and businesses. Standalone auto-tracking and fast facial recognition are Amaryllo’s patented technologies. Amaryllo provides robotic security camera solutions to transform CCTVs into cutting-edge biometric robotic security cameras.

Amaryllo’s biometric cameras come with some impressive features, including standalone auto-tracking, facial recognition, as well as the ability to track fires if there is one in line of sight. They’re plug and play, easy to use (the Amaryllo Zeus screws directly into a standard light-bulb socket), and run on military 256-bit encrypted P2P networking, ensuring complete privacy for the home or commercial user.