Packet Broker+ 

Consolidate, Monitor And Forward The Right Data To The Right Tools

The industry’s number 1 packet broker+, cVu series is built on a distributed, scalable architecture to eliminate packet loss, so your tools see the full picture. With simple licensing, you get all the features, all the time, at zero additional cost.



High-performance any-to-any monitoring fabric for data center spine-leaf, edge and north-south traffic



VM/NFV-based east-west traffic monitoring for software-defined data centers and branch offices


cCloud cVu-V

Cloud-native or container-based VPC traffic monitoring, filtering, replication and load-balancing

Due to its distributed processing architecture with FPGA behind every smart-port, cVu can scale and process traffic at 100G line-rate through every port without any packet loss. This is the most common reason why many of our customers have switched from their expensive packet brokers due to their central processing bottleneck, licensing costs, and packet drops.

All features are included and ready to use in each of the ports from the cVu appliance at no additional cost. cVu Network Packet Brokers provide:

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