The Easy choice for Load balancing ADC

The Edgenexus Load Balancer is the most cost-effective and easy to use Load
Balancing Application Delivery Controller on the market. It’s also the only HPE certified OEM device of its kind.

On-premise, Hybrid Cloud, Single Cloud or Multi-Cloud.

Edgenexus offer full support for all combinations of deployment platforms with virtual images available directly from most of the leading cloud providers such as Azure and AWS and hypervisors such as VMware, Nutanix and Hyper-v.

Whatever your cloud strategy is, Edgenexus & SAPPLY are here to help and support you.

At Edgenexus and SAPPLY, we protect our partners & their customers

Why Choose Edgenexus?


Edgenexus load balancers are significantly less expensive compared to other top tier vendors—while retaining incredible performance, features and functionality.

Easy to use

Configurable in minutes and easy to manage through an intuitive interface with simple navigation and drag & drop functionality.


You can ramp up within minutes to scale for increased demand and changes in circumstances using real-time status updates with auto-deployment and auto-complete features.


Maximise uptime for your web-based applications and websites, with added peace of mind from Accreditations, Partnerships and Validations to provide assurance that Edgenexus solutions are tested and integrated at source.


As a product company, Innovation is at the heart of what Edgenexus does. It’s impossible to break the norm of complicated, expensive load balancers and ADC’s, without significant innovation.


Edgenexus has next-generation pre-authentication and SSO to further protect web-based applications with the Edgenexus Web Application Firewall adds a key layer of protection to defend your applications from sophisticated attacks.


Edgenexus easy to use yet comprehensive Layer7 traffic management tool: Create traffic magic by easily controlling, identifying and transforming requests or responses. There’s no coding required.

The Appstore

Edgenexus has turned the humble load balancer into a future-proofed application delivery platform. Their Appstore leverages secure containerisation to deliver the ultimate in customisation and expandability.

One-Click Migration

Edgenexus knows it can seem daunting to migrate from complex deployments (e.g. F5). That’s why Edgenexus has a one-click migration tool. It does what it says on the tin. You can break free from the legacy lock-in. You can change any time you want.

Watch How to Setup a Load Balancer in 2 minutes!!

Available Products

Load Balancer/ADC

Edgenexus Load Balancer/Application Delivery Controller ensures that your core business applications are always available and delivered securely to end-users with speed and efficiency.


Layer 4-7 Load Balancing

Application Acceleration

Pre-Authorisation and Single Sign-On

Web Application Firewall

Advanced Traffic Management

Global Server Load Balancing

Distribute data between multiple data centers and clouds to deliver fast, scalable and resilient applications regardless of location. Implement load balancing and fail over policies based on several criteria, including advanced health checks and user geo-location


Resiliency and Disaster Recovery

Run two data centers in an Active-Passive architecture so that if one data centre fails, traffic will be sent to the other.


Load Balancing and Geo-Location

Distribute traffic between multiple data centers in an Active-Active architecture based on specific criteria including: fixed weight, round robin, data centre health check, geo-location of the client etc.

Web Application Firewall

The Edgenexus Web Application Firewall incorporates industry
leading, hardened firewall technology to provide Layer 7 application
protection for web-based applications.

Satisfy PCI-DSS and OWASP Application Firewall requirements
Leading edge Containerisation technology
Isolate each Application Firewall instance
Fast and easy to deploy and configure


Edgenexus Technology Partners

Technology relationships matter. Edgenexus have the Accreditations, Partnerships and Validations, that you’d expect, with all the leading vendors. This provides assurance that Edgenexus solutions are tested and integrated at source.