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What is PCoIP?

PCoIP is a display protocol that securely delivers applications or entire workspaces from the cloud or your data centre to any endpoint or client.

It does this by rendering a client device on a network or cloud server. It then encrypts and compresses the desktop’s pixels, and delivers them to the client where they are decrypted and rendered for the user.

The PCoIP security module leverages AES 256 encryption, which meets the highest level of security required by the government .

What Solution is right for me?

Lossless remote capabilities for high performance workstations

“I want my workers to be able to access their individual workstations from home”

Remote access to virtual machines

“I want my workers to be able to access a virtual machine from home”

Turnkey, high-performance workstations with lossless remote capabilities

“I want to purchase new high powered workstations that can be accessed from home or remotely”

Virtual machines (either on-prem, public cloud, hybrid cloud)

Deploy new turnkey, high performance workstations

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