PLAYipp – Digital Signage

Market leading platform for creating and publishing content for digital signage.

What do PLAYipp do?

PLAYipp is a software developer at the forefront of digital signage. They develop software to solve internal and external communication for the best brand in Europe. They apply a global mindset but solve local problems. They have been doing this since 1996.

Communicate even smarter

With PLAYipp Digital Signage you can integrate with other systems. Update directly in your systems and it will be visible directly on your screen.

Digitise your communication

Get your message across with digital information screens. You can now reach your target audience easier, smarter and more secure.

The most flexible solution on the market

Are you 5 or over 1000 employees? Do you need a screen or several hundred? PLAYipp is a safe and stable solution, regardless of size or need!

A complete system for booking your rooms

With PLAYipp Rooms, booking rooms has never been easier. All you need is a screen, our easy to use interface and one of the world’s largest calendar systems. Let’s go!



With PLAYipp Digital Signage you can save up to 7 hours a week.

PLAYipp allows an infinite number of users on every account. Let’s work together!


PLAYipp has 3 right levels for everyone in the organisation to be able to contribute!

Watch how PLAYipp works here

More than 2000 organisations and companies use PLAYipp.

PLAYipp Technology Partners

Technology relationships matter. PLAYipp has the Accreditations, Partnerships and Validations, that you’d expect, with all the leading vendors. This provides assurance that PLAYipp solutions are tested and integrated at source. With over 200 different partners and resellers PLAYipp is a good choice to partner with. Here are some of their Scandinavian partners: