PLAYipp Digital Signage

Upgrade your communication with digital information screens.

Digital Signage for smart and efficient communication

Being the market-leading developer of digital signage software, PLAYipp empowers you with user-friendly tools to create strong, smart and efficient communication to any audience anywhere anytime through digital screens.



PLAYipp allows you to publish data you already have in other sources, completely automatically and so convenient for you.

The end of doing things twice. 


With the user in mind, PLAYipp has been built with an easy-to-use interface, intuitive navigation and drag & drop functionality.

No more hassle.



PLAYipp cloud-based platform enables you to publish to any screen you want from anywhere in the world. Fast and relevant for the recipient.

No more time thieves.


Create and collaborate to design powerful content together with others. There are no restrictions on the number of admins.

No more limitation.


PLAYipp gives you control over schedules, rights and you can design every element of your message so it suit your audience perfectly. Regardless of it being customers, guests or co-workers.

Cloud based

Control every screen from anywhere in the world. Local or remote.

Screen layouts

Divide the screen into different sections and showcase different messages at once.

Templated or unique

Let your brand shine! Create your own and unique layouts.

Schedule content

Make sure your message is relevant when you broadcast it.

Media library

All photos, images, documents and videos available within your PLAYipp portal.


PLAYipp has created loads of prebuilt apps for 3rd party integration.

You are gonna love integrations!

A vast and growing number of integrations are making sure you don’t have to publish content on several different platforms. Most of it is even automatic, every time!

With PLAYipp the possibilities to great grand design and just perfect content are almost limitless. Take a look at some of their clients and their designs. Let it inspire you. They have helped thousands of customers, they gladly help you too.