Access hosted Windows & Linux applications and workloads from any endpoint, anywhere

Securely deliver workspaces and applications from the cloud or data center of your choice

Teradici PCoIP

Support existing deployments or build new environments

Whether it’s a specialized tool for analyzing seismic models or an entire workspace, Teradici technology enables users to securely access the same applications and workflows they are already familiar with, from anywhere and at any time.

With Cloud Access you get the software, tools, and support to:

  •  migrate legacy applications, as-is, to the cloud or datacenter of your choice
  •  deploy, manage, and access virtualized workspaces from any combination of private or public data centers
  •  manage and optimize existing PCoIP endpoints & hardware (including PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards)

Scale your business effortlessly and improve administrative efficiency by automatically provisioning remote workstations, managing cloud compute costs and brokering PCoIP connections to remote Windows or Linux workstations, all from a single console.

The freedom to choose

All the computing power and flexibility you will ever need is available in the cloud. Cloud Access Software helps you harness this power, bursting into the cloud as needed while freeing users to work from anywhere, on a wide variety of devices — including laptops, tablets, and ultra-secure PCoIP Zero Clients.

Cloud Access Software supports all major public clouds, on-premises data centers, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

remote workstation card

Manage, optimize and future-proof PCoIP Remote Workstation Card Deployments

Whether accessing VFX files or sharing information between government departments, the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card mobilizes the most demanding teams. Cloud Access ensures that your deployment is supported and up-to-date with the brokering, security updates, and management software.

Learn about PCoIP Remote Workstation Card.

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